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This Punch Bowl has no logo on the bottom.   I think there are only two matching cups.  There's a rim around the inner edge of the bowl that has me wondering if there wasn't a lid at one time.

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Vintage white milk glass "Ivy and grapes" pattern.

John (& Others).  Hold milk glass up to the sunlight. If you see red color in it, that is gold. It is more valuable than plain white m-g.  If it doesn't have red in it, I don't buy it; it's mass produced and has little to no resell value.

The small base on your punch bowl indicates that it fit into a pedestal type stand.  Using it "as is" would be unstable and might tip over.

In searching  I found a similar (not the same) set, bowl, stand, matching ladle, 10 cups for $35. + $34. S&H.

"Harvest Milk Glass Grapes and Leaves" by Colony (aka Indiana Glass co, 1960's). Your missing the base.

It might be the (above link) goldtone base your missing, but there was also a glass version, I'm pretty sure anyways?? In either case, I'm afraid these vintage punch bowls are fairly common and don't sell for much, even when it's a complete set. :( Ifit's from your family, keep digging and your bound to find the rest of the set! Otherwise keep an eye out at local garage and estate sales, if you'd like to keep it and use it yourself. They are very durable, work great and machine washable too! (not gold tone base, hand wash that piece, if you find it). 


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