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I found these metal ornaments at a thrift store but I don't know the origin or if there is any value.

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Too many different ornaments to look for specific (yours) ones.  Found many currently for sale at Walmart. Most that I saw were $5. or less for the lot.  Designs are similar but those on line do not specify if they are metal or glass.  Since you didn't provide type of metal I can't narrow my search.  Test with a magnet to eliminate steel. Could be tin, aluminum, zinc, other white metals.

Hey Mike,

How big are these little do-dads? 2", 3"?

Do they make noise when you wiggle them?

Do you think they are press-formed tin, alum or silver?

Are they light in weight or heavy?

Give us somethin to chew on, buddy. ;-)

I've seen lots of X-mas ornaments and think thats what you've got but they are not something I have seen in all my jaunts. i'm thinking  German pressed tin late 1800's.

Whatever they are, they did not cost $5.  The box looks well-worn and the ornaments are unique.  Provide some more information and let's see what we can discover.

Are you certain these are indeed metal, as I've seen many such ornaments online, which are mercury glass?

Image result for german mercury glass christmas baubles set of 6

To me (from what I can tell from a picture),

Mike's ornaments are some sort of metal, as he described them as such, and as they show various levels of discoloration.  In yours, they have the cap with the expanding piece that goes inside to hold the hook on, whereas, Mike's look to have the metal hooks inserted within, held by the bottom piece being adorned with little "bells", to hold the hook end.  They are both pretty little jewels.

Oh, I agree that my examples aren't 'design' correct, I'm sorry I should have explained my post better.  My photo supplied was more an example of mercury glass as baubles. As shown below some are matt, some gloss, some colour variations etc...Image result for mercury glass christmas baublesImage result for mercury glass christmas baublesImage result for mercury glass christmas baublesImage result for mercury glass christmas baubles

Amongst many other decorations, I myself have a singular bauble in this exact design below which happens to be mercury glass, complete with dangling spherical bells, but if Mike's are metal, then they are metal, but that is the main reason I thought I'd ask him to double check.

Nothing negative intended, Michael.  I love your knowledge and input.  I was just making my little half-educated observation.  

It's fine Molly, I didn't take it as a stab against me in anyway, I see I should have elaborated a little more in my first post to make my intent clearer.

I write a lot more of my post in my head, sometimes entire discussions go unentered into the post by oversight of my sometimes feable brain.

I knew what I meant, even if I didn't write it all in, why isn't that good enough for you all. Come on people, learn to read my mind... *That's intended as a joke by the way, just in case that was taken the wrong way*

In all honesty, I really must try to be more dilligent with proofreading my posts before I click the Add Reply button.

I consider myself suitably shamed into submission.... ;)

First I want to thank all for your replies. The ornaments are 1 1/2" in diameter, not attracted by a magnet, the stem/tiny balls are attracted by the magnet. They are not glass but metal, I don't believe they are aluminum or tin, perhaps silver or zink. I used simichrome polish on one ornament and it shined up really nice. The ornament that is ribbed is very heavy. My best bet would to have them tested to see if they are silver. Probably would cost me a bundle.

Thanks again you guys are great.

Hello Mr. Mike,

   I`m sure these are not zink, which even polished ends up a pewter color.

Yours are more silver colored.

  For the most part -if these were silver (and made in the last 250 years) they would absolutely be marked either "Sterling" or with a number pertaining to silver content - examples .830 - .900 or .925. Although small they should also have a makers mark if made of precious metals. The exception is if they were made by Native Americans- who in early days did not use these marks. I don`t think these are Native American. Another possibility is that they are Silver Plate- (Silver over copper, nickle or brass) which is mostly what I think. To be presented in such a fine case as they are- they were surely "something special"- perhaps part of an ethnic costume, etc. I wish I could help more. I think its a neat find and am sure the panel will figure it out for you... God Bless,---Charlie

Hi Charles,

There are no markings on the ornaments. Scratched one and it's silver color underneath. I believe they are pressed tin but who made them is any ones guess. I will do more research and perhaps put them on ebay.

Thanks Charles.


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