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Baffled on these metal parts.  The brass piece looks like a tool for punching holes, maybe?  The rectangular chrome is rounded on the bottom, like its meant to smooth out something?  Then the long cast iron metal part at the bottom I am totally clueless on?  Maybe a machine part?

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Long thing is a silversmith's hammer but has a name of its own. Pointed thing isn't a punch, it's a detachable head for a hammer for tapping tiny designs.  Diamond B is a dye I think.  Turn it over, put it on metal (silver) tap it and the design is transferred.  Or it could fit into a press. Make sure you get it right side up or your B will be upside down. YOU can research the names.  https://www.google.com/search?q=antique+silversmith+tools&tbm=i...

Thanks for the insight!  The hammer, I think may be a planishing tool (or maybe a pitch and punch)?  Looking through images to see if I can find one like it, most have wooden handles with the flat end on one side the balled part on the other.  

The Diamond B is tricky, I dont see any silver makers with that logo, but still checking, also looking at glass and other items.

Struggling on the Diamond B.  Its the same on both sides, and if you flip it upside down, the B isnt right, the top of the B is smaller than the bottom, so it would only register one way correctly.  

Looked up silversmith anvils, and dapping tools. I think the "diamond B" is a handheld anvil, for "backing up" where you're hammering.
In auto body work they're called dollies.
Try silversmith dollies.


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