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Madame LeBrun and her daughter, a self-portrait Copperplate Engraving By J.Massard 1880

I came across this print and it's a beauty but it needs some restoration. There may be a signature by Massard on it but honestly I can't say. There are two scribble marks at the bottom of the engraving that may be alignment marks for framing possibly.

My questions' are can this print be restored and at what cost, also what do you think the value is after restoration. thanks

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There is some contact information on this piece. Maybe you can learn more about it by contacting them.

I will give it a go and let you know what they have to say.. Thanks.. good find

I don't understand how this engraving of two women is a "self-portrait" of a male artist...

If you google, Madame LeBrun Massard, you will find numerous hits. I saw an auction for C (Canada?) $57. and another $50. USD (auction).  No "solds" recorded on eBay.  If repair exceeds $50. I think I'd forego it, let the buyer get a good deal and perform his/her own restorations.

Madame Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun was a very talented Rococo painter. Her husband was a relation of Charles LeBrun, the architect. This is a self-portrait of she and her daughter. The two had a very rocky relationship. I believe her daughter grew up never to speak to her again. Jules Massard engraved this picture, inspired by Madame LeBrun's painting.

The engraving can totally be restored, but it will cost more than the print is worth. It depends on how much you like it. 

I see three types of condition issues: water damage on 2/3 of it, mat burn and light damage around the edge of the plate, and adhesive residue at the top. The good news is that if you mat and frame the print, a good portion of the damage will be obscured.

Very useful information, I may get a quote on restoration just to make a more informed decision. I have to consider that cost and the cost of framing. (always been expensive).

@tomsantiquesetcetera Thanks for your research.

@ Molly There were two emails associated with that pin both inactive. I did see a facebook presence but no activity since 2014 (I think). All information is research and thanks for helping

Well, that is certainly not very helpful then, is it?  Sorry about that.

This appears to be David Bekier LinkedIn page. I do not engage in social media stuff but he seems to be reachable. Maybe this will bear some fruit.

Nice Molly thanks...He appears to something to do with decorating with Louvre etchings.   I am not the social media butterfly either. I do use a family members facebook acct to reach out if I have too. On a side note I have made it to the Louvre circa 1976 and quickly found out it took more than a day to see everything, even though my bones were a lot younger back then. I did snap a photo of the Mona Lisa which riled the locals (flash photography not allowed). Young and Dumb as they say..


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