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A 4" wooden little confucious looking man. He was apparently attached to something as ther are two tiny holes on bottom where he was attached to something.video006. mp4video007. mp4video008.mp4.But he looks rather old.

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Though it is very hard to tell much for certain from the video, due to the quality and lighting of the video, it appears to me to be either the Chinese God of Fortune (Fu,Hok) or the Chinese God of Prosperity (Lu,Lok).

The two holes may simply  have been there for mounting the statue as part of the set of three Chinese Gods commonly depicted together, the two aforementioned plus the Chinese God of Longevity (Shou,Siu).

Michael is trying to say, we would be able to tell you a lot more if you took some still pics in a little more subtle lighting...even though you are beautiful!  :)

From the limited amount I can see, this looks like a Northern Chinese/Mongolian Mudman figurine. He looks similar to, like, Kublai Khan?  But, I wish you would show us some pictures.  Good night.

Image result for swedish old man with pipe Chalk Drawing vintage

Molly, your image of the three figurines are the three Chinese God figurines I was talking about earlier.

From Left to Right, Chinese God of Longevity (Shou,Siu), Chinese God of Prosperity (Lu,Lok) and Chinese God of Fortune (Fu,Hok)

I believe Lorraine's figurine is that of Chinese God of Fortune (Fu,Hok)

Here's a wikipedia article on them.

The three Chinese star gods

Yes, I figured that out when I saw the description.  Since we have had no response yet, I figured I would put them out there for you.  Same idea, the middle one looks like Lorraine's....but now we cannot find Lorraine.....Lorraine?


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