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Unknown Antique Portrait Help!! Also your comments for my own restoration/cleaning tips


I have ordered this from a seller in England via Ebay.

I have done a little cleaning and the colors are brighter now, however the seller did not have much info about it, and I am also trying to find more information about it.

Era seems like early to mid 1800s (looking at the character and hat)

Craquelure and the back of the canvas seems to confirm that but I am not an expert.

There is an old stamp on the back of the canvas, hard to read (Crowney & Co). I know many of you guys in this forum has much more information and experience than I do, so your comments are appreciated:)


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After a little more research the stamp turns out to be : 

And seems like G.Rowney was at this address from 1815–1858. 

This pictures of G. Rowney stamp is from a different source:

Unfortunately I could not get any comments regarding this portrait :( :(...

However I would like to share my restoration process...

If anybody interested please feel free to message or comment here. I think generally the methods I use work pretty well with cleaning them...

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER:

And this is during the cleaning process (Top part is cleaned only to show the dramatic difference) 


Wow, you did a great job.  Do you use something commercial or your own mixture?  

Hi Carol,

I use commercial products.

What you need is:

- Clean Napless Clothes

- Soft brush

-Turpentine Oil

-Lukas Helios 2245 (restoration oil) OR Schmincke Phoebus (restoration oil)

What to do:

1- Make sure that the painting is reasonably clean (not too much dust etc), otherwise you can clean it with some bread.

2- Once the painting is reasonably dust free (and bread free), now you can start brushing it with your choice of restoration oil, make sure you start in the corner and try it first. I usually do section by section, and I let the restoration oil stay in the section for about 30 seconds and then clean that oil with turpentine oil. You can do that by dampng the clean cloth with a little bit of turpentine every time.

3. Once you do that for every section of your painting, clean it with a turpentine cloth one last time (gently).

4. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then apply your choice of spray varnish.

-----------------------Your antique painting is now brighter ---------------------------

Things to watch out:

  • Make sure to check the cloth for any colors. If colors are coming out (other than the dirt or yellow old varnish color) then stop immediately.
  • Your every move must be gentle and patient.
  • The cloth you use must be clean and napless.
  • Watch out for dust and dirt before applying the spray varnish, spray varnish is not very easy to apply so practice first.

Hope this works. It has worked for me for over 10 antiques paintings.



I see that it has been a long time.

Still looking for opinions on that painting! Any comments are appreciated regarding date, era etc...


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