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 This is one of the many glass treasures that I picked up when I used to "troll" my local antique shops and thrift stores around Northern Virginia.  I found that I had a good eye and if the price was not exorbitant would pick up anything and everything I found either exotic, beautiful or perhaps worth more than the asking price.  I don't remember where I found this very large huge bowl but I was instantly attracted by its' pink coloration and the nicely executed floral etchings.  I believe that this measures likely at least 15" in diameter and is in very good condition.  I have this safely packed away in a cardboard box somewhere in my trove of finds and haven't looked at it since I took this photos.

  I'm wondering whether someone might have an idea of the age of this glass and whether it was made with a purpose such as for serving a specific type of food.  I'm not a cooking expert but this would make an ideal serving platter for cooked shrimp with the cocktail sauce placed in the center circular area.

  Thank you for looking at this; I searched here for similar posts and wasn't certain whether I'd already posted these photos here in the past.  If I've posted them before I'll obviously delete this current post.  The second photo is of the base.

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I think the shrimp idea is right on.  Chips and dip?  Either way, very nice.

Thank you; I began searching Google images for "shrimp serving bowl" and found only a few similar bowls and several pink colored bowls were described as being depression glass.  My feeling based on the engraving and color is that this has some age to it.  I have zero experience in depression glass but was fascinated by the shape of this very cool glass bowl.

I'm pretty sure this is part of a dining room console set  missing matching candlesticks

Try searching "pink console bowls fluted rims". Could be Tiffin or Cambridge Glass. Believe it is called "elegant depression glass", 1930s-1950s.   Paula has the correct answer. As she states it would have had two matching candlesticks with it.  Used as a center bowl; held flowers, fruits, vegies, or whatever you wanted to put in it, including shrimp.

  Many thanks, I searched Google and found many similar bowls but none was exactly like mine.  The bad news to me is that most all of these were for sale for less than $10 and were on websites in Europe.  Mine has a scalloped rim, much finer engravings and the portion from the center to the outer edge has a rippled curved waved shape.  Not knowing that 2 candle holders might have originally been included with this bowl I hadn't been looking for them when I found my bowl.  I'll likely just keep this rather than sell it as the shipping fee would likely be equal to the possible selling price. These are 2 similar bowls I found that also have engravings and a central condiment holder.  Most all of the eBay listings note these as being made in the 1940's or 1930's.  

This is a depression glass console bowl. It's called a "Rolled edge" shape. It would have had two matching candlesticks to go on either side, and sometimes included a flower frog as well.

They were mainly used on dining room tables or sideboards, and many ladies did floral arrangements inside the bowl.

This pattern is hard to nail down, as there are many etched patterns. The base doesn't appear to be fire or machine polished, is that right?

If so, it would be possibly Jeanette, Hocking, Indiana, and a few other possibilities too. The other thing I have seen with this etching, is that these were made in USA and exported to Canada, where they received a different etching than our bowls. One of them I think is called "Jubilee" if that's any help for ya. 

Thank you; although I collected a variety of items from thrift stores and consignment shops the only types of glass I really specialized in was from Orrefors and Kosta.  I became very familiar with all of their patterns and artists and have many now antique vases, bowls and paperweights by those 2 companies.  I never really specialized in American glass such as this large pink bowl and purchased it mainly due to its' beautiful design.


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