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Large old book titled International Sport, (regarding equestrian sports), only 250 copies made

My husband and I recently bought the contents of a building full of antiques that previously belonged to an antique dealer/collector who has passed away.  I have been able to research most of the items I have questions about, however, the book in question today has such a common title and I am unable to make out the editor's signature, so I have been unsuccessful in my research.  Hopefully, someone on this forum can help.  The book is titled International Sport and has a gold horse head inlay on the front cover.   One of the first pages states that it is No. 118 out of 250 copies made.  I can not locate a date anywhere in the book.  The preface states that it is a collection of biographies on notable sporting personalities in the world of hunting, racing, and polo.  The book contains 60 biographies total, the first being The Prince of Wales, Edward Albert Christian...  Each biography is printed in English and French I believe, and has a portrait of the particular horsemen being told about.   I hope the pictures will be more explanatory.  I am looking to find out the age of the book,  value, collectors, any information would be much appreciated.  Thank you!  

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Well Krissy, It would appear that you have quite a rare treasure there! I only was able to find one example, and that may be the reason for such a high price? It's hard to determine, as a matter of course.

On any book selling site, if no one else has one, you can charge whatever you like, providing someone is willing to pay that price!

Here is the one I found: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?bi=0&bx=off&d...

I'd also like to recommend a look at this page: http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/deptserv/rarebooks/specialcat.html It's a pretty handy reference to most rare or collectible books and may help you in the future. Good Luck and Happy Find!

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. In the copy I found in the link below, the owner is stating that his copy was the second or #2 of 250 copies ever made. So, look carefully on the spine, insides front end papers and back end papers and see if you can't find a number as well!

That may help a great deal in evaluating a correct price for yours!

Wow Vicki, Thank you for the information! That is so helpful and exciting!   I am rather new to the antique world, but am learning as I go.  This particular book does say it is No. 118 of 250.  So I would imagine it is less valuable then No. 2, but still valuable.   Thanks again! 

I note that Vicki's link is to a book named, "International Sport - Polo", whereas your book does not say Polo on it.  I would guess therefore that you have two different books.  Even so a limited edition is exciting.

Usually the author gets #1 and his publisher or manager gets #2.  Usually they are signed and personalized too. 

Thanks Tom, I noticed that as well, the book I have pertains to polo, hunting, and racing horse sports.

Krissy, are there any illustrations in your book by Paul Desmond Brown.  He did a lot of equestrian pics for local newspapers, books and publications in late 1800s-to mid 1900s. Those (if more than one) alone could make your book valuable!

I found a graphite original sketch by him. Paid 25 cents for it, sold it for $1,200. which is why I know so much about him.

Tom, nicely done!. If you don't mind, I'm curious where you sold it? Do you list on ebay or use local auction or what?

Funny thing, I posted a pic of it here and somehow the buyer saw it, sent me an e-mail; we dickered on the price, finally sold it for $1,200. He paid with PayPal and I mailed it.

That was a GOOD DAY.  Besides that picture I bought an oil ptg of a ketch (ship) at sea for a quarter, a colorized lithograph dtd 1879 of a steam ship leaving SF Bay for a quarter and a rare print framed/glassed for 50 cents. 

I've sold several items on IAO, and did a trade too. She got Westmoreland and I got Carnival glass. 

I'll put up their pics-

USS Jeannette, (3 masted schooner/screw driven-steamer) ill-fated (it sank) trip seeking North polar passage. Send off by SF Yacht Club.  "Fort Alcatraz" in background. Dtd 1879Not sure what ship this is; I think it was a NOAA coastal ship used for measuring depths and atmospheric pressure.  I have photo of the same ship (I think). Not dated, can't see signature of artist.

"Brilliant Signed Proof" print, The Plowman, By Samuel Palmer, 1800s, One sold in an auction in 2009 for $1,325 I think.


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