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I was given a lamp by my great uncle a few years ago and have no background on its origins.  Any help is appreciated.  Picture attached or can be found at this link.  http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/photo/photo/listFeatured?xg_source=m...

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A very nice "femme fleur" lamp, probably from the 1910's or 20's. It looks like it is bronze-finished spelter, much more common than actual bronze. Sometimes the title, designer, and/or founder is marked on the base, but not always. I know they were made in France and the U.S. and possibly other countries. Some were made to be attached to newel posts; others were table lamps.

Any idea of what the value may be?

James Woodoff, Do you have any idea what the value of this type of lamp is?

Not really. I think they vary greatly, depending on quality, size, condition, origin.

Very pretty lamp, needs a bath though. Usually when the base has glass it's because there is another lightbulb down there. You might have a 2-way or 3-way switch.  It would turn on the lower light and upper light, or just the lower light.  This type of lamp came out with television in the early 1950s.  The little light was a "back light" for watching the tube.

The rust on it might indicate it was in a flood. The green color is paint I believe not verdigris.


Looks like BikerBonny accidentally took over your post, but it happens.  It helps to see the wire and plug. Also give dimensions.  Foundry names are usually in back at the bottom; sometimes a pinch of flour rubbed over it will expose a hidden name and if not washes off easily.

It would look a lot better if you used a smaller light bulb, maybe 15 watts, amber colored. It would cast a soft, golden glow over it. 

Mark, is the bottom round and recessed?  If yes, then your lamp was designed to fit onto a newel post (large post at the bottom of staircase) which was the style in late 1800s-early 1900s.  Theme is that of a man and wife with a scythe/sickle and rake (farming) and I would think there would be a good market for it if you choose to sell it.

Based on what I can see on eBay (see link) yours is the only 2 person statue I can see and in my opinion should be worth between $5-10,000. USD depending on condition.


Valuation is always difficult and very hard to predict. A similar style newel post light, but with a single figure and in worse condition, sold for $79 after 20 bids. EbayLink


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