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Oops! Forgot to add that I found this at a yard sale and I'm not sure what it is. 23" long with a composition head (no markings), head circumference 19". Any info would be helpful for re-sale..Thanks! Maureen

Adorable!!!  Love the face.

Nope ~ Not a Kewpie.  I don't know of any Kewpies with a soft body, but they do have tiny blue wings on the back of the shoulders.

Thanks A! I can't find any head other than a Kewpie head that looks like this..still looking!

Here is a soft bodied Kewpie  ~  Note the hair style and wings.


Kewpies have wings.

This looks like yours... is it yours?


I think they steered you in the wrong direction calling it a Kewpie.


If you scroll down about half way, you will find a Paragraph about soft cloth KEWPIE DOLLS with composition heads, "twenty-three inches long" (like yours). They were made by Margaret Steiff (who created the Steiff teddy bear). They are worth $6,000-10,000. (USD) and UP depending on condition.

There were other manufacturers who also made cloth dolls with comp heads.

I would suggest obtaining an Appraisal by a certified party. Call around, doll sites, etc.

Thanks Tom for the info! I'll be sure to check it out - Maureen

Hey Tom! I found one exactly like mine on ebay - item #370584611834..mine's not in that condition, but at least now I know that she's (he's?) a Kewpie..thanks again for the info..Maureen

Your link to ebay doesn't work.  It's an ad for ebay.  To make a link, copy the address in your browser (turn it blue and click copy).  Then come back here and click paste.

A lot of viewers will click your bad link and not know how to find it.  So here it is:


I don't think it is the same doll as yours. Size isn't shown and face, hair, look different.


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