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Hey everybody. So  earlier this summer I went to a garage sale and saw this mantle clock and picked up it and was incredibly surprise. I had stumbled across a solid marble clock, weighing a little more than 30 pounds. I looked inside and found a familiar name. On the clock movement case it read Japy Freres et Cie Med D'Honneur. 

So I did a little research and found out that Japy Freres received this "Medal of Honor" at the Paris Expo in 1855 and 1867. Would it be ok to assume that this clock in from somewhere around those dates? I was also hoping to get an approximate retail value on the piece. I have looked for similar pieces but have not come up with much. Condition wise, the case is fantastic, only missing two or three screws but I needed to have a fork and pendulum made for the piece. Overall, it cost under 200 and I'm pretty happy with the results as, well, it works lol. Anywho, thanks to all those that can help

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Go to Pook Pook Inc and there is one there similar to yours. I think you are missing a piece of brass which would have went across the top where you can see the two holes in the marble. OMG I didnt realize he made so many different kinds. I was just scrolling through different sites and there are a lot of beautiful clocks.
Hey Robert, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate the help!
So have you found out anymore??? I will look again later. I did find out that different years he signed his clocks different. There are a few out there that are similar to yours. Same design but with different brass pieces on them.


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