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Good morning. I found these two watercolors on my last treasure hunt. They measure 13 x 16 inches unframed. According to the Asian Art Forum they are by

Morita Ryokuun (森田緑雲) 1853-1913、born in Mikawa,(Aichi) learned painting from Watanabe Shōka . The person from the forum said there was only one mention of him in a reference book. No known works of art. Although I have bought and sold a lot of art through the years, I am a bit stuck on what to value these at. I love them a lot and have no intentions to sell them at this time. Any help on this one. Thanks a million.

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I can't find anything about him except what you've posted. Maybe someday you'll find more info. Until then enjoy them.

According the Asian Art Forum, they only found one reference to the name Ryokuun 緑雲, which happened to be Morita Ryokuun.  This doesn't mean for certain the painting you have is in fact by Morita Ryokuun.

It could be by an unlisted artist.  Also, the name 緑雲 is written with the same characters in Japanese and Chinese.  What makes you certain this painting is Japanese?

Just assumed from the info from the forum. After re-reading the answer from them, you are right. The painting was signed Ryokuun, not Morita Ryokuun. I do enjoy them and planned keeping them. But nothing stays forever. I have had a lot of paintings through the years that were keepers but managed to find homes elsewhere. Maybe sometime the name will resurface again and more info will emerge.

I think the problem is in the spelling. Google keeps asking me if I want "Ryokan", so finally I opened it up and look what I discovered!

Mentions,  Seifuso Ryokan of Kyushu, Japan;  also, Ryokan Art Center/Gallery of Chiang Rai, Thailand.  And also: Watanabe Ryokan.

If the name is wrong, it won't be because of the spelling of the name written with english letters,  it will be with the identification of the asian characters from the artists hand written signature.

I thought the linked samples looked a lot like Buddy's pictures. Name spelling could be as you say, or a typo, mis-pronounciation, or completely different people. Hard to say.

This is your picture; I didn't find it. Just posted the image so I didn't have to keep opening your links.  You can do the other pics-it's easy.  Open your pic, Copy your pic, return here and Paste your pic. If it doesn't paste, type something first, then it will.*UEcD5YZgecZPilN3cqQ8DoibNMarPuSf3q7kj6JbmLv7*xwLe/asianwatercolor1croppedresized.jpg

Well, it looks like I am back to square one. Who painted these beautiful watercolors and the date lol.

Hi Buddy

Sorry to put a downer ont he info you thought was good, had I not gone to the Asian Art Forum to read their responses to your original enquiry, I'd have taken your information on your word.  However, the suggested name was loosely based on what they 'thought' the signature name was, concluding only a last name and finding only one match.  That is shakey evidence for the artist at best.  As I've mentioned before, reading hand-written Asian characters is not always easy.


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