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Simple underglazed vase with some signs of age - natural crackling, discoloration, dark spots across the glaze, hand thrown and foot is hand carved. Japanese characters impressed by the edge of the foot. Small bump in glaze inside near the lip. Previous owner had it for probably about 20 years and most likely bought it at an estate sale or similar. Looks like owner before her used it as a water/plant vase of sorts as there are hard water stains throughout the inside. Measures about 10" in height and 2" in diameter at the mouth. 

Information about the piece would be appreciated! I can provide more pictures if needed.

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Picture of the foot:


This is the base.  A foot lifts the bowl up and off the table. Your bowl rests on its base; it doesn't have a foot.  

The first or upper character is Ni chi-pon (Nippon) which is Japanese for "Japan".  I can't find the clover-shaped red mark.  I search Japanese and Chinese marks in www.gotheborg.com. It's late so I may have missed it.

Now this is interesting - in traditional Chinese the second character is translated as "Transport" (運). This would obviously correspond the piece as an export piece. However if translated in Japanese (In Kyujitai/Kanji script) it reads "Luck". I always thought the mark looked like "Good Luck" or "Fortune" or a similar variation of it in traditional Kyujitai script, which were just Traditional Chinese characters that Japan borrowed.

Now granted I was using Google Translate which isn't the most accurate. :\


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