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This one might be a challenge.  Anyone able to decipher how old this medal might be or what its origin might be?  Came in a wooden gift box, but the box is in pretty bad shape.  

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Hi Brent

The writing is Chinese.

Though I cannot translate it fully, I do recognise some characters such as 造建艇新 means build a new boat and 紀 means discipline.

Though translating it character by character is fraught with potential mistranslation as it takes the characters out of context and can translate into something completely incorrect.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Michael said it's written in Chinese.

I don't see the 5 rings Olympic logo, so it's not.

I see an old style eyelet on top; newer ones have a horizontal slot for the ribbon.

I see a wooden box w/o a latch or lock.

I see a poorly cast medal, lots of pitting, blemishes, etc.

I see a single oarsman...maybe won for singles? Who's steering it? Need 2 oarsmen lest you'll go in  a circle and a helmsman to steer it. Just guessing...

My guess is given to 2nd place (first loser), local school, intramural type event. Just guessing...

I didn't see the size (diameter). Is there a ribbon for it?

Hi Tom

I may have misread you, when you said " Michael said it's written in Chinese. I don't see the 5 rings Olympic logo, so it's not."  You're not suggesting it's Japanese then are you?

The writing is indeed Chinese, and it is also not an olympic medal.

Is that all you meant?

First line has a period at the end which ends that statement, then a double-space, and next line is a different thought. Joining them together as you did is a "misread" as you suggested.

My 2nd line... ,so it's not.  (infers it's  not an Olympic medal).

Sorry for the confusion.

That's fine, I had a feeling that's what you meant but I just wanted to be sure...

Incidentally, I did not join them together, I still had the fullstop in there. ;)


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