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Tried googling this company, but came up empty.

Perhaps another set of eyes might find some info on this bottle.

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The lip on the bottle indicates it originally had a metal bottle cap. Cork is wrong, somebody's attempt to make the bottle look  older than it is.

I checked Corporate Records, NY state, via internet. They have 3 different James Butler, Inc. All 3 are dissolved, lastly 2002, then 1999, and first 1991. One was a general contractor, another was a realtor, third was unidentified "general business".

You can obtain exact info and contacts

at:  https://appext20.dos.ny.gov/corp_public/CORPSEARCH.SELECT_ENTITY

Thanks. Doubt either the first two corporations made bottles.

I have located imagery of James Butler bottles with corks and writings in an advertisement 6th of April 1857, stating the lip design is to aid in pouring.  The bottles I speak of, having been used for writing ink, would certainly benefit from such a design element in mind.

I am not saying the bottles Lloyd has shown here are for writing ink, however, if they had already designed an easier pouring bottle, why would they not continue the design to beverage bottles also.

In the book, "A Bottle of Guinness Please": The Colourful History of Guinness, James Butler NY Inc is listed under a 14th March 1907 List of the Principal Bottlers of Foreign Extra Stout, at the address of 390-396 Washington Street, New York.

Is it possible to view this book online ?

ADDITIONAL INFO: Apparently James Butler owned retail grocery stores in and around New York state from 1882 thru 1930s. Your bottle was made for metal bottle caps, I suspect in the 1920s-30s. More info at: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-James-Butler-28-Oz-Blue-Tinged-Bottle...

Advertisement for the grocery store Tom told us about.

The Evening World., February 15, 1915, Final Edition

Wow. All great info. Thanks everyone for helping to identify this bottle.

$300 for a bottle ? That's insane !

Ha, ha...I agree $300 seems steep but the year is wrong; it's much older and not the same person as yours, so who knows?


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