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I have this 3 dimensional pitcher that is rather charming.  It has an interesting look to it.  Stands about 6" tall. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is made of or from.  It is stamped on the bottom, but not sure what is says.  Anybody know (or can translate)? Thanks!

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The word "Painted" is in English. Therefore presumably the other words are English too. Italy is the Eng spelling, Italia is Italian.  Looks like PRQY, which could mean Paraquay...

What IS on the bottom?  It looks like glue and paper?  Is the side actually separated from the bottom piece?  Is it paper mache?  Can you pour liquid into it?

I think it is leftover finish that has blobbed up.  It is nothing that will come off.  But I am not sure of what it is. Selling for $55

Another 1950s Italian Art Pottery Jug

Another Italian Art Pottery - this item used to be on eBay.


Good job, Michael!

It sure looked like a ceramic piece to me, but when Lisa said she could not figure out the materials used, I began to focus on the bottom.  I guess I still don't understand the "glue and paper" look, unless it is just remnants of what it was sitting on when decorated?  Either way, Lisa, I think we have a "MATCH"...

Thank you all for the help!  You did indeed nail it.  I am pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be more than just an interesting piece of pottery.  I appreciate your help!

Wow!! Thanks!!  You nailed it. 


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