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Hi all,

Can anyone possibly provide info on this cups maker and pattern?

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Fiesta was made by Homer Laughlin Co. (HLC) who also made other lines similar to Fiesta.  The round handle  tells the story. No Fiesta  or any of the others have handles like yours, nor did HLC produce any cups in light blue.(source, "Fiesta" Sixth Edtn, Gene Florence).

As for your cup, without any marks, it's difficult to identify.  There are millions of single cups in thrift stores for 25 cents. I look at the cups and have occasionally found old cups mixed in with the hordes! If you're in this game to make money learn the patterns, colors, styles,. etc.

Thank you very much for your comment. I do however research quite a bit before I post here and I'm learning as I go along.

I Don't think it is. The Homer Laughlin "Fiestaware" circle handle is slightly  different. Just FYI "Fiestaware" is the pattern. Homer Laughlin being the maker, and they are still in business, still selling this pattern. :) For a moment I thought your's could be their "Harlequin" line, but the handles on that one don't match either, unfortunately. You might try to look up all the vintage patterns by HL. But I'd also check out vintage California potteries, as they had very similar lines, one being a company called Bauer. Hope that helps. Image result for vintage homer laughlin Fiestaware cup

Vicki's reply confirms what I said 2 weeks ago. The product line is "Fiesta" according to wikipedia and "sometimes Fiestaware, aka Fiesta Ware".  The 4 different backstamps over the years say "fiesta" (LC cursive). 

I have a Fiesta book dated 1986 that lists ALL Homer Laughlin China Co patterns and I have checked ALL of them already and your cup is not made by them. The book also states that many other companies copied HLC Fiesta patterns.  As I stated earlier, your light blue color is not found in any of their lines, nor is the handle.


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