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I found this at my local salvation army. I love anything flapper so I grabbed it for a few bucks. I'm not finding anything like it online. I don't know what age it's from, or if it's just a reproduction of some sort . Anyone know? 

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Hi Jenn,

It looks like you have a cigar box purse; made from a recycled cigar box. It isn't particularly old (I'd guess made in the last 25 years up to today), but there is a chance the flapper woman may have been cut from an original Marshall Field catalogue cover and embellished with rhinestones. I can't quite tell from the photos whether it is a facsimile. The lining is machine-sewn and appears to be in nice condition. If you Google cigar box purses you'll see that they vary in price from $20-$75. 

this ia the only other writing on it. 

1921 Marshall Field & Co Catalog "Fashions of the Hour"

I found the cover from the 1921 Fashions of the Hour.... it was a magazine/catalog

Oooh! This is pretty similar. So maybe the cover is vintage but the actual box is not? I keep searching vintage cigar boxes on Google.

No, actually it would be a reproductions, since the originals didn't have such wide borders.

in my opinion  new latch    did you check out the vintage cigar box purses on ebay


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