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Another interesting item. I'm guessing a perfume bottle, missing stopper but totally just a guess. Total height approx 4". I think the metal might be silver with a gold wash and translucent enamel design. The little man sitting on the base and holding the bottle has little horns, pointed ears and a pointed beard. Human feet. A fawn? Etched glass base and bottle (some damage to the bottle top). No clue how old or where from or even if it is a perfume bottle. Too small to be a bud vase, I think. Have not found anything similar. Came from the same estate as the globe container I previously posted.

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I have to say, at first I would have agreed with you that it would most likely be a perfume bottle with missing perfume applicator lid. However, after having a good look through many online examples, it does seem quite likely to be an inkwell as suggested by Jeremy.
Attached image is of a satyress, a female satyr, part human part goat mythical creature. Most commonly depicted with horns, tail and goat legs, they are also depicted with simply horns, and goat like/pointed ears.
Now, especially given the top view of the bottle, is extremely similar to other glass inkwells I've seen before which are still being sold today.


I believe that this is a Victorian inkwell and the metal on these is generally brass, precious metal would bear hallmarks. Nymphs, Satyrs, Bacchus and the other rather debauched woodland gods were a popular theme in the late 19th century.

fawnbottle008.JPG (3240×4320)

Might be a top to a clock


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