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Can somebody tell me if these are real?

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  I quickly found this webpage which has information on this charity event held to raise money for crippled children.  I'd suspect this letter is real as it has little value except to someone who specializes in collecting letters specifically regarding Franklin Roosevelt.

  This is the webpage which describes the White House event held that day.  Scroll down a bit on this webpage and you'll see the information under the number "78."


Thank you, I have also began reading the diary in which I found these tucked away in. It started in 1911-1915 for the same woman Pauline Greenbaum McLean. Do you know if people collect old diaries?

The Antiques and The Arts Weekly have many collectors of this type of thing.  I would not count out its value to someone . I have found Items like this can bring in big $$$

Thank you, I will have to check it out.

FDR attended several "birthday" balls, events, toga party, etc. on May 09, 1934.  If you click Images you might find Adolph's picture...I wonder if he attended?


I looked on The antiques and The Arts weekly. I seems a bit pricey for me to put and ad on there. I am open to offers if anyone is interested in them otherwise I may just hang on to them.


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