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I found this little gem at the thrift store yesterday and have no idea how to find out exactly what it is or where it is from.  It is a dinner size plate on a raised base.  It looks and feels handpainted and it has some interesting ribs and scalloping in its form.  The crest is odd.  It looks a little childlike in its presentation.  On the back it says 1851...but that's it.  Now, I need the your to help to figure out the rest. 






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Now, had I known how to edit the photos before posting them so they were straight up, or how to open the main picture for you to look at, I swear I would have.  I guess I will just have to be happy that you can use them as a guide. :)

Thanks, Mark...

(He's my audio visual tech)

Hi Molly,

It certainly looks like hand-decorated Chinese export porcelain, but I couldn't say how old it is. The raised enameling is consistent with Chinese decoration, but the 1851 serial number on the bottom leads me to believe it is not as old as 18th century Chinese export porcelain. The Arabic numerals are confusing because it doesn't necessarily narrow down a continent of origin (Asia vs. Europe). The Portuguese re-created many older ceramic designs. Perhaps that might be something to pursue.  

Thank you for the response.  What Arabic numerals are you referring to?  Should I be looking for a crest/coat of arms like this as if it is really representative of a place or of a people?  Or do you think it is just decorative?


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