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Found this at a local thrift store. Not sure what the label/emblem represents.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Masons? never seen it like that before.

Joint Reconnaissance Office

Just guessing here..

Junior Order of United American Mechanics

Wikipedia Link about them

Their own website

A rather US patriotic group, who do have a history of anti-catholic and anti-immigrant policies. Although, officially they have stepped back from that view and now promote a more accepting view, but mainly towards Americans.

Very similar logo to the Masons though, can't help but think there must be some influence there in at least the logo design, if not more.

Information on their group's beginnings

Some items bearing their logo.Image result for Junior Order of United American MechanicsImage result for Junior Order of United American Mechanics

Vintage-BRONZE-Masonic-Plaque-JUNIOR-ORDER-UNITED-AMERICAN-MECHANICS-SealImage result for Junior Order of United American Mechanics

As suspected, it is associated with Free Masons, world wide. Called the "arm and hammer". There is a very good paper discussing it, but it is copyright protected and they don't allow copying or reprinting w/o permission.

Thanks for the info.

Do you think this is an insert to a helmet ? It looks familiar to inserts I've seen with US military helmets.

Here's an interesting, lengthy, article about this organisation and their link(s) with Freemasonry.

Just try to ignore the numerous spelling and grammatical errors.



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