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Thanks for any help on age, value, and maker on this 

Slant front desk /Pull Down Desk, secretary, 3 drawers, bookcase top with 2 glass doors, 2 shelves

Written on back of desk,   JS864-865, Salem, D605.

Dovetailed Drawer Construction

Solid Brass Original Hardware

Excellent Original Finish & Condition

Bracket Feet

Bookcase top

2 Adjustable Shelves In Bookcase Top

Maple ?
Measurements: 18.5" deep,  34 3/4" long, and 76" high

It's been around here for over 40 years. From an estate sale. 

Let me know if pictures are not good enough.

Thank you!

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This one is similar, with a bit more going on at the top...for a start.

Thanks Molly!

What do you think about "Salem"  written on the back of my desk?

Was it made in Salem do you think?

I think Jasper is the maker of your secretary and Salem refers to the color code; a nostalgic nod to the early furniture makers of Salem, Massachusetts. There are a few other examples of 1950s secretaries online with the same finish that are also referred to as Salem.

OK! Never heard of Jasper. Happy to know and can do some more searches!

I am excited about this forum. The replies are thorough and you all don't give up. Impressive.

Jasper Furniture and Interiors group are located in Salem, Indiana. Their abbreviation is JS (as shown  on back).  I think 864-865 refers to year Aug 1964 to Aug 1965 as to when this piece was shipped to D (Dealer) 605. Numbers are often written backwards so it could be 4-1968 to 5-1968. 

Q: Are the keyholes real or false?

Key holes are real. 

I had originally thought this was Ethan Allen. Glad to add Jasper to the list of potential companies. But is it Jasper?

I used to work in a furniture store and we sold Jasper furniture. Does it say anything on the interior of the drawers? 

I don't think it does. I have it wrapped/covered in the garage so tomorrow am I will search drawers and let you know. Thank you!

When you look inside, you might refer to the second Jasper piece I sent the link from.  In the pictures below the piece itself, it shows the Jasper Cabinet logo in the drawer and another shows a engraved plate...just for reference.

Hi Molly,

I took every drawer out and looked over the entire desk. No brand name found. Additional pictures might help you decide if this is a Jasper. You can see more of the construction of the desk. Only 2 keyholes, one on slant front and one on cabinet top. No locks on drawers. Also each shelf has a plate rail.


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