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Hello Everybody,

First time poster here so please forgive me if I do this completely wrong. I am trying to identify a Snow White figure that my great grandmother bought from England to Australia back in 1938.

The figure stands approx 25cm/10inches in height and as far as I can tell doesn't appear to have any distinguishing marks. Any help you could give would be appreciated.



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I do not believe your young lady figurine is one of Disney's characters. Your provenance has her coming from England to the USA in 1938.  Walt Disney produced Snow White in 1937. Dialog in the movie states " as white as snow..." hence her name.  Your gal appears to have tan or brown skin. Racial equality didn't begin until the 1960s so having a tan Snow White is out of place and time.

I  also checked Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella but found nothing.

In modern times Disney has characterized Pocahontas, Moana, Tiana and Jasmine, all who have tan or brown skins but she is not any of them.  Jasmine is also found as being white.

Your gal is cute and looks like she belongs to Disney but she doesn't fit into your provenance.

Maybe somebody else can help.  Welcome to IAO!

I must disagree, I think the general style of the statue is indeed that of Snow White, regardless the colours used in her decoration.

Just as there are black, brown and red skinned santa clause out there, I've seen those three at least myself, I believe this statue has been either intentially painted more representative of a person with darker skin colour, or else painted by someone who didn't know or simply didn't care what colour they were using, perhaps they didn't realise it was a depiction of snow white in statue form and simply used some colours they liked.

Image result for snow white statue

snow white statue by shorenx3

Michael, you are entitled to your opinions, but when you make statements you need proof to back them up.  The Snow White you posted  has no feet, no flowers, no tan skin, different ribbon in her hair, different colored clothes, different position of hands and body and is about half as tall. There are thousands of SW that look like your example, but NONE that look like the subject.

I searched and searched the web but couldn't find any SW that looked like OP's.

My opinion was based on the visiual evidence. My post was simply my reasoning of why I 'believe' the statue was originally modelled after Snow White, regardless of the resulting colour scheme.  My posted statues were obviously not an attempt to say, here's my proof, she is the same statue, I was merely trying to illustrate the very obvious similarities between the style of Snow White and the style of David's statue.  I too have looked but not found an identical match.

Let's look along the lines of the Disney movie alone, that being a widely known and very popular representation of Snow White.

The style of her dress, design of the puffy sleeves with oval decorations, the exceedingly high collar, a ribbon in her hair.  These are the same in the movie as on the statue.  Yes, there is a cloak in the scene below which I captured, yet she is not wearing the cape throughout the entire movie and has appeared many times both with and without it.  I haven't seen any other female character who dresses in that specific outfit, therefore, I personally think it to be Snow White, until I see new evidence to the contrary.  It is certainly not the first time I've seen Warner Brothers, Disney, Pixar or other such famous character depicted incorrectly coloured.  Perhaps it was done on purpose so they could sell it and avoid copyright license, proof for that being it worked on you.

So to sum up, I've seen Snow White, I've seen the statue, I've seen other famous characters as statues in both correct and incorrect colour schemes, I recognise the statue's style as being that of Snow White based on simply comparative visual cues, I make the assumption it is a Snow White statue painted with an incorrect colour scheme.

If you still disagree, so be it, in the meantime, I'll keep looking for more options anyway.

Image result for disney snow whiteImage result for disney snow white

Thank you for the welcome and the information.

I to have searched the net and have had no luck in finding a figure that has a matching colour scheme. Perhaps someone on here could possibly point me in the direction of some one who might have some definitive knowledge on figurines of this nature?

Is it possible that the paint has changed tone due to age at all? As far as I'm aware it has sat on top of multiple pianos ( both my grandmother and mother were music teachers) over the last 78+ years.

Thanks again,


P.S. - Australia not the USA : )

Snow White FIRST appeared in 1937.  She had/has black hair, red lipstick, Caucasian (white) skin, RED hair ribbon, yellow dress.

Your figurine doesn't match the original. Snow White has been created all over the World in all sorts of styles, skin colors, etc. Yours has a GREEN hair ribbon.  I cannot find any with GREEN ribbons.

You said she sat atop pianos for the past 78+ years. 1937 is 80-81 years ago.

Keep Looking.   You might contact Disney productions, maybe they can help you.


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