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Good morning all I was hoping I could get some help with a watch I just obtained. It is in excellent condition beautifully designed in my humble opinion. It is marked France , 17 jewel, shock absorbent and top of face 5th Ave Creations . Not sure if it is gold . Don't know it's age ,value etc... I see no brand mark like Elgin . Thank you for any help you can provide. I can't post pictures just links .a toolbar does not appear on my iPad . I guess this problem exists for a number of people. Thank you, John

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More pocket watch pictures

Hi John,

I am assuming you have opened up the back as in most cases there should be some details on the inside of the case, makers marks, retailer, reg/serial numbers and maybe some hallmarks if gold.

May also have a second dust back panel (Sorry do not know the technical names of watch parts off hand)

You also sometimes get impressed hallmarks around the edge of the watch or up on the loop above the winder.

When you take the back off and get to the movement there is almost always information showing there such as the makers name & serial numbers.



Facebook has a pocket watch collectors group . They can be very helpful . I picked up a pocket watch and they helped me ID it as a reproduction. Still nice and works awesome

Hi John,

I would guess that your pocket watch might be from around the 1970s. I think the case is Fifth Ave. Creations and the works might be by Arnex Time Co. I'm seeing other examples online that are gold-filled. Perhaps yours might be as well. One matching the description of yours sold on eBay in 2012 for $35, but the images are no longer in the listing to be sure.

Here is one with the same watch face design except with black backing behind the numerals and I believe a different outer case design, but it is hard to be sure as your photo is quite blurry.

Majestime 17 Jewels Shockabsorber Made In France Pocket Watch

The fact it had the same watch face can mean it is from the same person/company who made yours, or that it is simply a reproduction model, so, unfortunately, it doesn't really narrow it down much.  You do need to open the watch further to access the watch manufacturer information, if none exists, it is most likely a repro.


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