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I'm hoping someone could help identify the sword/cutlass type item I have attached images of.
It is approx. 14cm long.
I am considering selling it if there is any value, and so any information would be appreciated...age, origin, purpose, worth etc.
Thank you,

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Thanks for your help, I have uncovered some info...it now doesn't seem so out of place in my Uncle's coin collection...you live and learn I guess.



Here is a good website of information for your coin and indeed many other types of Chinese coins. I have two of these knife style coins myself.  When I first ever saw one of these, I thought it was some kind of ancient cut throat razor, then I learnt what they were and that they were quite a lot more valuable, especially to the right collector.

Chinese Coin Guide The knife shaped coins appear past half way down through the page.

Good Find! I had no idea that was ancient money. I deleted my "straight edge razor" suggestion, obviously it's not.

I had no idea either...but your thoughts helped me try new keywords, which eventually googled me to the finish...so thanks anyhow!


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