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Pretty sure these are Fenton pieces, but I do not know the pattern name. Anyone know?

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I APPOLIGISE, but I have to dissagree with Tom on this one.      "ENGLISH HOBNAIL"is actually a "'DIAMOND  SHAPED " HOB".  The shape was round and theedges were"zig-zag" or seratted.   It was  production line number 555; manufactured by;" WESTMORELAND GLASS COMPANY", Grapeville, Pennsylvania, made "ENGLISH HOBNAIL' from the 1920's to 1983.  Pieces were made in amber, cobalt blue, crystal, and crystal with vasrious color treatments, green, ice blue,pink,red,and turquoise blue. Values for the colbalt blue ,red, or turquoise blue pieces would be approx. 25%  higher than ice blue values.  Limited pieces were also made in milk white. ( a creamer and sugar with hexagonal foot,nut bowl,and pickel dish have all been repropuced) "WESTMORELAND SPECIALTY COMPANY", was established in 1890. Their early manufacture includes bottles and food containers.  Dureing WW1, glass candy containers were made. The plant continues on to make colored and opaque glassware both Depression glass patterns and later a giftware line.In 1949 Westmoreland Glass Company began to use impressed intertwined "W" and "G" mark. In 1982 they closed the factory and reorganized in July. By 1983,they were useing full name as imprinted mark. 1984 they again, closed the Grapeville plant.

 The ("TRUE" and original ),..   "HOBNAIL" ,..was manufactured from 1934-1936 by" Hocking Glass Company", Lancaster Ohio.  The pieces were round in shape and had raised circlesaround the band graduating in size from the center up to the edge. The edge being the larger of the sizes.In the center of each piece was a complet conected circle of raised ,ribbed, petal  style pattern creating a center that resembleb the center of a flower.   Pieces were made in Crystal, crystal with red trim, and pink.  The" Anchor Hocking Glas Company" was established in 1905, by the mid- 20's they were well known for their tumbler and tableware production.  In 1924 Lancaster becomes subsidiary of Hocking Glass Company, but continued to make kitchenware,cut and decorated tableware under the Lancaster name until 1937.They also made colored blanks for Standard Glass Company ( another Hocking subsidiary) where the glass is etched and cut. Known as Plant # 2 to Anchor Hocking.1937 Hocking merged with Anchor Capand Closure Corporation, Long Island City, New York.This created the HUGE; "ANCHOR-HOCKING GLASS COMPANY" which has continued to have major impact on the glassware industry.   There are MANY similar patterns, made by numerous other companies that resemble "HOBNAIL" and are frequently placed into a generic classificaton of "HOBNAIL" STYLE".

I beleave that you have the "MOONSTONE " pattern by ANCHOR HOCKINGGLASS COMPANY"  it was produced in ocean green with opalescent hobnails,blue with same, and crystal. I don't know if they ever made a yellow or not. It may be a reproduction from another company more recently to look like "MOONSTONE". It has an Italian Venecion flare to them with the color graduation and the crimpped bolw lip. I will check my records and see if Ican find anything more "for sure". Hope this helps some. 

That is great information. Thank you so much for this!

Karen Jean is absolutely correct...and guess what...I collect "Moonstone"!  Dunno what I was thinking but my answer was wrong and I have since terminated it.   TY Karen Jean.

The Depression Glass Moonstone was made by Anchor Hocking Glass from 1941-1946.  Moonstone is currently being made by Fenton in other colors and designs. What you have are by Fenton but is not Depression Glass.

Ok so these are more current?

Charles, your two pieces were made by Fenton, green and yellow. They are not Depression Glass. Fenton used a high quality glass whereas DG is a low glass type of glass used during the Depression years 1929-1947.


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