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Hi,  I am trying to Identify the bird had seen here and I believe this is a replacement cap to a blue glass salt dome, but not certain as the threads fit perfectly together.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.   Also I cannot find any marking on the silverplate, which I'm presuming is silverplate.   There is an opening on the underside of the beak.

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Does the opening under the bill go into the hole above the threads? Does the head screw onto a liquor bottle?  If yes is the answer to my questions, it is a pouring spout for a liquor bottle. It  could also screw onto a walking cane.

Yes the opening does go through.  Note that the bottle holds only about an ounce.    Possibly walking cane, but to me seems a little small for that.  Thanks for your help.

I think Tom meant that it could fit the top of a regular liquor bottle and be used as a a fifth, or something.  I just wonder about the direction the liquid would take?  You could give it a try.

It looks like a duck, but I am not sure it quacks like a duck.

that is what I thought at first.     Can't quite tell if it is a beak or a bill.  Thank you Molly.

yes, sure lol   it's kind of a strange opening.   oh well thanks so much.

The spout may have screwed onto a liquor or wine bottle, or maybe it originally contained a rubber stopper that fit inside the throat of a bottle.

Head looks like a pheasant to me with a duck bill.

Here's a similar.

Image result for birds head pouring spout liquor bottle

yes it def resembles that.   There are threads inside mine so definitely made to screw on something.  Thanks so much for helping.

Image result for brass Raven bird

Although it looked like a "Ducraven", I am thinking it is a Raven...with a much too rounded beak.  This is the only one I could find with such a rounded beak.  Yep...raven.  (maybe) ;)

yes looks like that too, especially with the headress.  Thank you Molly.

Molly, FUNNY THOUGHT...Your pic of bird with key in beak:  key to the restroom at a service station...Tom :)


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