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I have a someone who wants to sell /consign a fabulous Vict oak hutch but I'm semi proficient in American. Any clues as to the maker?

She isn't certain either and I told her where to look for stamps/marks but any more assistance would be massive-some Horner's like this one seem to still bring 5 figures, one on ebay in particular.

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No clue as to Horner as maker. I do know that this is American, because of the "North Wind" That would lead me directly to Eastlake.

I know that Eastlake was not a furniture maker, he was a designer, so that probably doesn't help much. but, knowing it is an Eastlake design, perhaps you can find maker easier? and as far as I know, his best designs (including North Wind) do still sell pretty well.

Hope that helps a little?

This one is Michigan Chair co. Grand Rapids: https://www.harpgallery.com/showroom/item16571.html

 "Made in Both Grand Rapids MI. and New York, Herter Brothers being one of the many makers." I pulled from the following article: https://www.thespruce.com/identifying-eastlake-furniture-148840

And I found some info regarding makers in Buffalo NY. and more stuff here:  http://www.buffaloah.com/f/fstyles/east/east.html

Thanks for the links, Vicki. This is not Eastlake which is bandsaw furniture-the invention of the bandsaw made all the flat, 'cut out' furniture styles with flat, applied layers of embellishments.

Technically Golden Oak Baroque, I'd love to find the maker. It's been fisihed at some point so they likely wiped out any labels. I'm awaiting the owner's response to see if she knows the maker.

I'm trying to assess if this is a $1500 piece or a $15000 one...

Why are you calling this a "hutch"?  A hutch fits atop the buffet and contains shelves, open or behind doors. Yours has a mirror. Link shows quite a few buffets w/mirrors, prices, and some manufacturers. Looks to me that $12,000 to $17,000 would be the range. 

I just noticed that this link is EBays...probably not a very accurate way of determining value. https://www.ebay.com/b/Oak-Victorian-Antique-Sideboards-Buffets/984...

True enough Tom, a couple doors short of a hutch.

I've looked in a number o places for comps, Liveauctioneers is next but I always figure ebay is the least common denominator.

Horner seems to almost always use his griffens...


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