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Figurine marked Germany on the bottom with a makers mark on the back. About 6 inches high. I am asking for help in identification and approximate date. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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With the nation of origin only, usually 1895-1915ish. And I know the mark in my mind but not on my tongue...

The N and crown is intended to make one think it is Capodimonte, an Italian porcelain. I’ve seen quite a few German pieces in the “Capodimonte style.” The lace and pastel coloring makes me think that this piece dates closer to the 1950s-60s.

I'm thinking maybe 1940-1960 Dresden with "faux" Capodimonte marking, as LB points out. The other thing thats notable on your pieces is the "Porcelain lace" It's no easy task and Dresden has always been famous for their skill in this technique. Real lace is dipped in porcelain slip, then carefully placed onto the piece. Then high firing takes places. Something like 50%++ of these are lost in the firing, because as the lace melts away, leaving fragile porcelain lace in its place, many instead break apart. That is why they are collected and prized by those collectors. :)


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