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I definitely know what it is.  It almost looks like the signatures of the different individuals that may have taken a "camping trip" together in 1954, or something?  Vienna is Wien.

Turkish coffee pot, antique.

Upper name is Johnny Soulio. There is a man by that name in Europe who is a recording artist. Maybe a previous owner?

Lower name, Wien, is same as Vienna. 1954.

Strange, Molly's reply didn't show up until after I posted...even though she posted 9 hours before me.

Than you, both....

I may be off course. I think its a spittoon or a cuspidor with a handle. They used to be used a lot in bars and where ever and when someone spit at one they would miss or hit the spittoon or the floor or the wall.   Just a guess.


Pretty sure it's a coffee pot. I meant to include an "irl", here it is: https://www.google.com/search?q=turkish+coffee+pot+wood+handle&...

great link


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