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Recently obtained a very nice old oil painting with beautiful frame. The painting has a tear unfortunatelybut what I love to know is who the artist is that has signed. I can’t definitely make it out . I thought it was H.H. BAUER but I see nothing on him when I do research. If anyone can help me in any way it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance . John 

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Another picture 


  Thank you for adding this additional full photo of your picture.  I haven't yet investigated the signature and will do so later today.   fyi when you're creating a post it's much easier to add your several photos directly to your post page.  Doing that viewers can see all of your photos on your post page -- without having to click on each separate link and then each time have to leave that single photo to return to your post.   To add photos to your post you simply need to click on the square "image" icon which is directly above the horizontal bar which shows the various types and sizes of fonts.  When you click on the icon a window opens where you can select and add multiple photos (one at a time) from your computer.  I've added your photo of this painting to this page.  I then copied one of the photos only of the signature, cropped it and then changed the coloration using Windows photo editor.  I believe that the name is H H Bauers; the last letter was more visible when I changed the coloration and if you look closely at the last letter the paint at the top of the letter "s" has faded to an almost gray color.

Thank you Mark very much for your help and editing my pictures.   You are very kind. I have tried to post my pictures directly rather then link your suggestions will help. Anxious to see if you find any info on painting and artist. Thank you again. John

I inherited a very old oil painting (showing rowboats on the bank of a river) from my mother's family and over time managed to find out that the artist E. W. Sork was a woman who was born in Philadelphia where my mother's family and I were also born.  This woman artist had attended the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art in 1928 where she won a gold medal 1st prize in architecture and interior design.  My parents and their family were likely not art collectors and I suspect that they might have nearby neighbors of this artist and received my rowboats painting directly from Elsie Sork.  During my research I found about 5 other examples of this artist's work and each time these paintings had been described as being created by an unknown artist.  I'd found out who this artist was and also learned a lot about her life history.  When I was doing my research I saw one of her large paintings for sale for $2,500 at the Adobe Gallery in New Mexico.  I e-mailed them a story about this artist's life which they posted online and soon sold their beautiful cowboy painting for the asking price.  My learning about who this artist was and the sale of this cowboy painting has added significant value to the rowboats painting that I'd inherited.  I later found another one of her works for sale on eBay which I purchased for around $245.00.  That eBay listing only mentioned the signature of E. W. Sork so the seller wasn't aware of who had painted his artwork.

Interesting story Mark. I have researched this name to a point where I don’t know what else to do. I wonder if we are reading the signature correctly . I’ll keep trying and appreciate your time and interesting helping me. John

The signature, to me, appears to be H. H. Bauer. I don't find that artist on searching but there is an artist H. Bauer and another, well-known, Willi Bauer. If you do a search here
you might be able to track it down closer.

What was your conclusion on the signature, viewing it closely and from the actual piece.


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