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Hi peeps,

Can anyone provide any info on the following butterfly brooch?

There are hallmarks on the underside of the butterflies wings.

a) A 6 pointed star, and right next to it, an 8 spoked cart/waggon wheel.

b) The numbers 935, which I believe is the silver content, and originating from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

The 6 pointed star & 8 spoke cart/waggon wheel may suggest the country and manufacturer, but I am unsure which is which.

Brooch pin made of gold, butterfly made of silver, turquoise, amethyst and paste, and the butterfly rotates on the pin.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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There are no other inscriptions of any kind on the four wings, however, I have just noticed scratched into the abdomen the letters 'S/O' or 'SIO'.

The tips of both front wings show the silver under the gold plating, and looks to be crudely cut or filed, suggesting the butterfly was part/off something larger before being added to the pin to make the brooch.

My apologies for the photo being so rubbish (had tried out a new app off PlayStore for macro photographing, but with little success.


Though it is hard to be sure from the photos provided, it does look to me like the numerals are 985, not 935.  There are indeed 985 silver items out there, however, there are also some instances of 985 referring to platinum items, though this is much rarer, considering the cost of the metal.

Only for the 6 pointer star was I able to locate a maker mark which matched, it was on a list shown in Russian.

Russian = звезда, полумесяц, корона, крест, держава

English = star, crescent, crown, cross, power


Sorry, it may not be of much help to you, but it's all I could find at this point.


Any and all suggestions are well appreciated so many thanks for your offering.

I have taken two better photos of the hallmarks, this time I put my loup over the mobile phone camera lens (worked out better than expected!)

This does show the numbers to be '935' as opposed to your suggestion of '985', admittedly my earlier photos were a little sht (would have loved the metal to have been platinum obvs)

The two other hallmarks ... the 6 pointed star and the cart/waggon wheel are housed in a long oval as you will be able to see from the new photo.

You can also see where it looks like the butterfly has been cut off something else, if you look at the tips of the two front wings, they look like they have been sawn or filed.

Cheers, and thanks.


Peep here:  I said on the reverse... Left click once, pic enlarges, twice it zooms in. I see what looks like ORKIN.  beep beep

Hi Tom,#

I see what you mean, but I'm afraid there isn't any inscription/marks at that location, it must just be the trick of the light on the photo.




Mayer Martin Gmbh (Limited Liability Company), Pforzheim, Germany (known for gold jewelry and watch making industry) located in SW Germany.

Scroll down to 11th entry on left.



What the...how the hell did you find that!

You are a superstar, many thanks Tom

I just kept peeping here and peeping there and finally peep'it.

The round hallmark is the "Wheel of Maguntia". It took some unwinding to figure out what that means.  aka: maguntiae, maguntiacum, mogontiacum, more recently was Mayence, now is Mainz, a city on the Rhine,in Germany. I think it means that the area was a hub or world center in Germany in the 9th Century. The six pointed star is the Star of David.

I found a recent sale of Mayer Martin jewelry. Follows.  I also read where he never worked with silverplate.

SCROLL DOWN TO END (ignore first entry SOLD) Good info. Yours is much nicer, more valuable. $650-higher ??


Mark, I have a silver-plated brass claret jug made by WMF (Germany) in 1858 and it has s/1o  inscribed on it. The s/1o refers to the amount in deciliters of silver plating. Yours is scratched, but I think it has the same meaning.

Hi Tom,

Since Mayer Martin never worked with silver plate, then I guess in this instance the scratched mark on my brooch doesn't relate to silver plate.

I am waiting for a silver acid test bottle to arrive through the post and will then confirm.

I have already confirmed that the pin is gold which comes in at approx 14ct.

I did wonder if the pin and the butterfly was a marriage, but after looking at the owl I see that Mayer Martin did also make articulated jewellery (Owl's eyes have small springs behind them to allow for the eyes to be pushed in)

Love all the information you are supplying, will help tremendously when I clean it up to sell.

Do you really believe that the brooch could make around $650+?


What to you make of this?  Besides the fact that it confuses things...

In 1886 the use of individual city marks was abolished and replaced by the national mark (reichsmark) of a crescent moon & crown mark.


(scroll down)


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