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Sorry if I'd posted this already, but here i go again:  any ideas as to the age, origin, value of this beauty?

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Italian, alabaster lamp. Probably the Art Deco era, 1920-30's, but if the cord is original,that would be a better way to date it.

i'm not entirely sure how to tell if the cord is original, but i believe it is

do you have photos of it?

here are some pics--thanks for asking!


..and one more


French Art Deco Alabaster Table Lamp. This French art deco alabaster table lamp is from the 1930’s.

Unfortunately, I cannot cut and paste images anymore for some reason.  Just something else for you to consider.

Molly, "cut" is to transfer the item elsewhere on your page.  Try "Copy" and "Paste" which allows you to transfer the item or pic to another, different, page.

Laura, your lamp has been rewired which is okay as it's safer to use.  The original wire would have gone through a grommet on the bottom of the lamp. It's missing which means it's been rewired by a non-professional person. The grommet keeps the wire from chaffing which causes shorts which cause fires.

Many replacement shades are made in Czechoslovakia. Can't tell if yours is or isn't.

It was Copy and Paste but it is still not working for some strange reason...only text.

Molly, sometimes with Copy & Paste you have to type something first otherwise the sub menu doesn't open properly.

Try typing "mm" then click Paste.  Should open for you.  Go back and erase the mm.


I wouldn't call it art deco because of the base, which is not at all art deco to my eye. The bulb cover looks deco only because it is a simple egg design (but that is due to the way the shades are made by spinning). Italy is likely since a lot of carved alabaster is from Italy, and is still being made there. I would guess it was made later, but indeed pics of the cord and bulb receptacle are needed.

Hardware looks original, 1950's or so. Not art deco in design or period of manufacture.

thanks so much for the comments and advice!  Given these, any thoughts as to value?


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