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My aunt passed away about a month ago. I was given the task of cleaning out her house. She had many furniture pieces that I am unsure about whether or not they are antiques. I live in a small area and don't really have access to an antique dealer. Is it possible to tell if they might be antiques by pictures? I have pictures of everything and any markings I found on them.  

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Showing the items with more angles would be helpful.  For instance on the tea cart, is there a side drawer?  I see the serving tray on the bottom, but are there rungs half way up the legs to hold another tray, perhaps?

VINTAGE DROP LEAF TABLE CART Tea Bar Liquor Server Console End Side

This one is on ebay for $ does not say much about it.  I realize there are handles and that the corners are rounded, but otherwise, I think it is similar enough that it gives you an idea of it's relative value.

For sale is an amazing antique butter churn.  It is marked New Style White Cedar Cylinder Butter Churn No.2  4 Gals.  When you turn the crank a wooden mechanism rotates inside which churns the butter.  The mechanism works well and smoothly.  The entire piece measures 14" wide by 18" tall (including the handle).  There are metal bands around the circular exterior pieces.

This one is on ebay for $279, but yours is in better shape.  The prices seem to be beteeen $200-$300 for the most part.

With the small table, look at the screws to see if they look old, square, handmade, etc.  Any markings or numbers on the bottom.  It looks quite basic from the picture.  Hard to put an age to it.

What are the measurements?  Could it be a bar stool?  Is it short like an end table?

The thing I notice that makes your table unique is the criss cross reinforcement bars at the base.  Usually, you see nothing or a another piece of wood as an additional surface.  There are no clues hidden in the tooling of the legs because they are straight.  This is a tough one.  Maybe it is handmade?

I hope I helped a little bit.


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