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I found this this vase at a consignment store. It is unmarked, hand painted with gold moriage. It stand approximately 22 inches tall. can anyone please share thoughts? Nippon?

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Actually you have 2 pieces joined together. The lower piece is a jardiniere and the upper, a vase.  Japan and Nippon are the same place. Your vase is from the Nippon era. There is more info in the link. 

Link says it's 12 inches tall, stand is 7 inches, band/ring not shown; total is around 21 inches. Link sold for $150.

Nice Find.

Link takes you to Pinterest; you'll have to search for look-alike. See picture. It's down a ways.

Rare Antique Nippon Moriage Japanese vase

Looks like Kyoto school Satsuma to me, which is also Japanese / Nippon era see link

If it's signed check this link

Satsuma's are always signed. If not on the bottom, their mark,or logo, a gold circle with a gold cross inside, is hidden inside the design near the top. Look CLOSELY. Older Satsumas used blue, yellow or red colored cross in circle marks. Colors denote age.



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