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Help identify vintage French sewing (?) trim made of metal wire loop coil braids.

Can anyone help with the formal name of this? Is it sewing trim? Age? Typical use? 

It’s unique being coils/loops are delicate & fine metal (maybe called Purl or Bullion). Likely handmade? 

I translated the handwritten tag “mid & fine gold braids” (then the color & amount) Closeups are the attached pictures.

Currently my "best guess" is formal name: "Passementerie Braid" & was used as a tassel cord??

Thank you!

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You might want to include a photo of the entire item which might give a better idea of its use and design.  Also instead of adding your photos as attachments you can add photos by clicking on the photo icon which appears in the line of icons above the icons for size of type (10 pt) and the fonts to be used in your post.  That way your photos will show up in your post and not as attachments -- this allows members to see your photos without having to open up a new page for each photo and then having to close each new photo page to to back to your post.

Added below :) Thank you!

  I studied French (is this French?) in high school and also in college but couldn't interpret the words on the attached papers.  What is the length of these 2 cords?  The only thing which first came to mind based on the three cords design of each was for use to hang a potted plant but the ones I have and use have a metal ring at the top. 


Hi, Yes made in France (see the "attachment" picture #2). They are 22" long x .25" wide. They were originally sold in "3's" but they are separate pieces.  I bought them at an estate sale of a very elderly tailor in a room filled to the brim with fabric and trim of all sorts. 

I found some similar online. They were woven into an African woman's hair braids or dreadlocks. Couldn't discover a name except "braids" or value.

You should have the gold metal tested for purity. Many Pawn Shops will do it free.

Interesting! I also found similar ones in Collections at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Dept. European Sculpture & Decorative Arts in Textiles & Trimmings. If interested Accession #'s: 08.103.650, 08.103.554, 08.103.668, 08.103.715. Some 18th Century & some 19th Century. Yet they have generic names (Tinsel & metal thread, cord, galloon) & no description of usage.

I'm hoping I can send pictures to a Curator there or The Museum of FIT for their opinion. 

These say "made in France" so at least 20th century and fairly recent from the look of it; they don't look handmade to me. What makes you think they are old?

The former owner was an elderly tailor with oodles of antiques ....I didn't want to assume the tags were made when the items were made. They could have been put on for reselling purposes. I figured if they were 20th century I would have found something similar on the market, but I haven't. So that brings me to think they are older than I initially thought. The closest ones I have found I mentioned in a previous reply. 

I have sent a request to The Met...I'm hoping they can shed some light.

A direct translation of the word by word of the tags.

French to English on the bottom tag

3 = 3
ganses = loops
or = gold
mi = mid
fin - end
et - and
guipé = wrapped
violet = purple

French to English on the bottom tag

3 = 3
ganses = loops
or = gold
mi = mid
fin - end
et - and
guipé = wrapped

?? (I can't see it clearly enough)
foneé = dark


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