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Approximately 3" x 2", slightly curved, no markings on back, brass, possibly British or English military?

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Hello Tom you have an indipendant order of Odd Fellows patriarchs militant branch buckle, the order first formed in the US in 1841 and they are a Masonic style secretive organisation. There aren't too many of them about and it's probably worth $50-60, hope this helps.

Thank you so much!  I've had this for a couple of years and wasn't able to figure out what it was!

IOOF is NOT affiliated with the Masons.  It is not secretive either. It is non-sectarian, non-religious and open to any adults. I grew up in Spokane, and there was an IOOF there. They have a kitchen, open to the public for lunch. I've eaten there several times. You have to be invited by a member.

Wikipedia has a starting date much  earlier.

IOOF Patriarchs Militant uniform buckle. You can determine retail value by opening some of them.

  • Sorry Tom I didn't mean to offend you, I merely meant that there are some historical similarities to the Freemasons and other "closed" societies many of whom were driven to secrecy in the UK due to government mistrust around the time of the French revolution. The organisation itself boasts of it's far ranging influence on government and welfare. Other perceived similarities with the Masons are the use of secretive codes and passwords, I in no way meant to infer that the IOOF are affiliated  with the Masons merely that there are, outwardly at least, similarities. The first Odd Fellows branch in the US was formed in Baltimore in 1819 but the first independant order was in 1843 (according to IOOF records). Personally I think the two organisations are worlds apart, the IOOF help everyone but the Mason's help themselves.

I'm not offended at all. Actually when I got to looking at all their (IOOF) symbols you are absolutely right, some of them do look like Masonic symbols. I'm not a member of either organization.


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