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There is something inside but I don't have a key! Trying to identify this trunk and the lock. I have more pics if needed. The dimensions are: top 47" X 18 1/2"; trunk 45 1/2"; from the bottom to the to 19"; from the floor to the top 21 1/2". I am told this is walnut. Thanks in advance!


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Solid oak.

Need more and better pics, the first one is way too small, also show the bottom the inside and back

Outside chance it's ash also but 98% odds it's oak. 19th century but as the other Jeff said, impossible to divine.

looks to take a double paddle barrel key hard to just find one, prob call a lock smith to open, oak

"trunk 45 1/2"; from the bottom to the to 19";"


Width (or Depth)?


Picture of the un-stained wood (back, inside or bottom).

I would call it a blanket chest, not a trunk. Most chests are made of aromatic cedar which keeps moths and other bugs away.


Personally, I would like to see more pictures of it from different angles.  It looks pretty intricate.  Nice.

That's a lovely looking thing please keep us updated when you get it open.

I bought a suitcase that was locked, no key, for 25 cents.  I have a key collection, tried many of them. Few days later I found my old locking keyboard key and tried it, and voila, it opened! Old newspaper from 1945 was the noise maker. Sold the suitcase for $35.

Remember 'Wonderama' Tom? Saturday AM kids show and there was always one poor sap who sat a table with a locked trunk and 150 keys.

He spent 90 mins trying to open the trunk and if lucky, won a years supply of bubble gum or some such. That's how I feel when trying to find a key for a piece.

I found a skeleton key for a door lock that fit in my collection. Increases value to have a key.

Don't recall seeing "Wonderama"; didn't have a tv until I was in my teens.

My locksmithy gets $30 for a newly fitted key of cheesy pot metal. I always give it the old college try with the pile I already have.


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