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I googled American Land Company and the logo "Saving a liitle means lots to us" and both came up empty.

Also what does the writing on the back mean ? Silver plated ??

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The word LOTS being so big and centered made me think of real estate.  I googled the American Land Company and found "lots"


This first company is based in Arkansas

American Land Co 

American Land Co was founded in 1973. The company's line of business includes renting, buying, selling and appraising real estate.
This second company is based in Georgia
Real Estate Agency 

American Land Company has provided asset management, property management and project development services for more than 20 years. In addition to Hawaii and U.S. mainland principals, we have represented owners from around the world, including Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, France and the Caribbean.Utilizing their market knowledge, American Land’s experienced staff provides our clients with the project development.

This third company is based in Hawaii


Thanks for your response. However I think this item has a lot more "age" to it.



That makes sense.  I think my theory on it being associated with real estate or land management, etc., may still work.  The bird looks like a falcon, maybe, instead of an eagle?  And what is it perched on?  A double handled tin cup?  The edges are reminiscent of a seal of some sort, and the depiction of the earth/world is classic.  

I came across a court case involving the American Land Co., from 1911 and it had to do with property rights to certain "lots" of land following the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1908.


I think your "spot on" (thank you Gordon Ramsey) in your thinking this is real estate related item.

The eagle doesn't appear to be an eagle at all. I'll take a close up of the bird and post it at a future point in time.

It doesn't look like the "bird" is perched on anything, but a better photo may be helpful in identifying what it's "on".

A 1911 date sounds much more realistic to me. Can you please provide a link to the court case ?

Thanks !



I think this was the one I was perusing...but then I just found this one below, when trying to locate it again


Extract from the website: www.nyhistory.org

Date: 1880-1910

Token with scalloped edges and a slot at the top for attaching to a ribbon. Embossed on the front with an eagle surmounting a globe with banners and the words "Saving A Little Means Lots With Us/ The America Land Co."

Thank you, Michael.

That goes along with the timeline of the court case mentioned, as well.

Nice find !

Too bad they don't have much info on it's "background".


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