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Name on the outside rim is Jennings & Co.

I thought this was something that was used to melt metal, but I don't know what the holes on the underside are for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Dependent on how big this is, it looks almost the exact same item we would use today to mince garlic, or squeeze lemon, there is also a much larger version we have today, though many more holes, which is used to mash potatoes.

It's hard to make out the other text clearly from the photos, what does it say around the rim, apart from Jennings & Co?


eBay again

Cast Iron Juicer on Etsy

That is a lemon squeezer/juicer. Belongs within the Reamers collectibles. Here's a look alike.

Thanks for the quick identification. What exactly is a Reamers collectibles ?

'Reamer' is simply an American term for a juice extractor, manual or electric.  Each of the following items are known as reamers.

Image result for reamer juiceImage result for reamer juiceImage result for reamer juiceImage result for Reamers lemon squeezer antiqueImage result for reamer juiceImage result for reamer juiceImage result for reamer juiceImage result for reamer juice


Reamers are orange and lemon, et al juicers. Cut an orange in half, twist it back and forth over spike, juice flows into bowl...drink it.

I would really like to see someone demonstrate this object's use as a juice reamer.  It makes sense for garlic but where would one put a half lemon?  Here is a home page for the National Reamer Collectors Association:

They still make juicers very much like this today. Here's a youtube of one in action:

Yep, Jeff, her Mexican model surely looks like the item, but from having squeezed lemons for over 60 years, I find her suggestion of using either this or a mixer beater "interesting" at best.  The mixer beater had juice going all over her hand and the other one seemed difficult to squeeze.  I wonder why she did not demonstrate a "regular" reamer. 

I believe the demonstration of using the beater, was probably to show how it can be achieve even if you don't have an actual juicer, to get people to think outside the box a little.  I agree though, the green clamping version she showed did not make it look all that easy, let alone all that successful at extracting the most you could get out of it.

Twist the half lemon on the spike, back and forth. Reams out the juice. I have one just like this blue one except mine is white.


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