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I apologize for the poor quality of my photos. (best I can do)

My step-grandfather was an architect. A clue to what this item is?

The pointy end that slides out of the body is hollow, much like a mechanical pencil you see today.  A yellowish gem / glass is on one end.  What am I???     The centre ring slides down the body, bringing the hollow point out.


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chatalaine pencil   prob gold  most likely 9 kt you d slide the lead into and down the slot 

Yellowish gem might be amber or citrine or glass. In order for it to be used or carried on a chatelaine it would have to have an eyelet or ring.  They are made for desktops too.  A chatelaine is a type of necklace worn around a ladies' waist on which personal tools or toiletries are carried. Circa 19th century. If it's not marked gold then you shouldn't assume it is.

Tom no assumption that this is def  gold but in my experience of having about two dozen and selling many others they were often 9 kt gold or gold filled. Also I collect chatelaine pieces  and have several pencils with a sorta loop that they slid through for easy removable from the belt. I would bet  we are both right depending on the piece.

I was told propelling pencil, which when googled brought up many tiny pencils like this.

Thank you for your replies! 

I saw two similar Victorian mechanical pencils (to yours) on line, both were 14 kt gold. One had a ring on the finial-end of the cap, the other was on the side of the cap. The ring was to attach it to the chatelaine. Yours appears to be missing.

If 9 kt, the gold is 37.5% pure.  If 14 kt, it's 58.33% pure. Big difference in value.

PS: Your Avatar has 2 Godeys prints. Do you collect them?  I have 1848 and 1851, framed. My e-m address is on my Members page.


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