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Vinegar Bottle that belonged to my Great Grand Mother. Trying to find out more... - Mystery Solved, not vinegar.

I took these with a phone camera, if someone can identify them from these alone then great, if not, new photos will follow later, let me know what other angles you may prefer.

The bottle has a mould seam and no markings anywhere, except on top of the stopper, maybe a letter D.

I wish to locate a new stopper to suit, obviously I'd prefer an exact match, but given the age that would appear unlikely.

It would also be nice to learn a little more about the maker of this bottle, of which my mother was told by my great grand mother directly that it was purchased with vinegar in it, as a vinegar bottle and has always been used as a vinegar bottle ever since, until last week when the stopper finally succumbed to being dropped by my brother and had suffered severe fractures running through the centre of it, rendering it unsafe for food use.

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The best part of your story is that your great grand mother stated quite firmly that this whiskey bottle was sold with vinegar, and only ever held vinegar. She would have been fun to meet for a drink or two...

Yeah, I know, maybe she meant that she bought it off someone else who had been using it for vinegar.

It's not how my mum told the story to me though.

That's great! Do keep us posted! 


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