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Help with information on this glass hand vase that is holding a hand mirror. Most of the silvering is gone from the mirror. It has a rough pontil mark and the neck has no seams. The closest I could find were barber bottles with the hand holding a bottle instead of a mirror. Would like era and use of this type of bottle. The bottle is It is 14 1/2" tall. Thanks, Sherry

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That is very interesting and unusual. I would recommend you go to glassworks.com to see if you can find more info on this shape.

I do know that the "hand vases" were very popular in the late Victorian era ca. 1880 - 1920's. This was the time when "spirtualism" was all the rage. Think Houdini - how he de-bunked many fake people that called themselves "mediums" and other names.

I'm sure it was made to hold some type of vanity item. Are there any markings anywhere? That may help too.

Nice find!

Can we see a picture of the bottom?  It looks like a new bottle to me. The bottle you call a Barber bottle is a new bottle.  It is similar shape as yours, hand holding a bottle vv a mirror, base is same, etc.  On the bottom are content in ml marks and a logo.  There are quite a few "Barbers" for sale.



I have added a photo of the bottom.  There are no markings, just the rough sharp pontil.  The edges of the base are very worn too.

I have added the photo of the bottom.  The pontil is very sharp and rough. There are no markings on the bottom except the pontil.

Thanks everyone.  It was not until I took a shot of the bottom that I saw the PO at about the 11:00 hour.  Took the bottle to better light and saw that it was a faint depose around the pontil.  Research found that it is a Legras France figural bottle that dates between 1880 and 1920. Vicki hit the time frame right on the head. 

I had been following this thread.  So glad you found the info and posted an update.


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