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Hi, came across these glass finials in a box lot at an estate sale recently.  They all measure 2" in height, and all have the same brass screw on end that measures about 3/4" in diameter.  I thought possible uses could be for a lamp, for a faucet, for a curtain rod, for dresser/cabinet, but the size of the brass end has me wondering.  I can't seem to find anything similar online.  Any help in identifying is gladly appreciated!   Thank you.  Karen

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It just seems the threading on a finial to a lamp is fairly universal...MUCH more so, than finding a female opening that these rather wide threads would fit into.

I see them now, for some reason, I could not see all the other replies from others on this post.  They are there now though.... go figure.

Hello All, wow, so appreciate all of the discussion!

I have just tried to unscrew the brass base from the glass knob, on several of them, and cannot, for the life of me, get them apart.  They must be adhered together somehow.  I have tried looking down inside of the glass to the base, a little difficult because of the reflections, but cannot see any screw or any indication the knobs are screwed into the brass.  Also hard to believe these are repurposed as the brass bottom fits so perfectly into the glass. I have attached another picture.  Thank you.


Oh Karen, I'm sorry I did not see this comment when I posted. Very odd, I'm thinking the NING is wonky today.

Anyways, you believe that the glass is strongly "adhered" for lack of a better word to the brass. If that is the case, they cannot be the Overmyer drawer/other type knobs/pulls. 

So that leaves us with just a few options: 1. They were made specifically for curtain or bed post, likely made of brass and that would validate Molly's concerns as well on the strange threading. If the threading on these was only to secure them to hollow brass pieces, then it just wouldn't matter if threads are male or female. 2. I know you have doubts on re-purpose, but I'm not speaking of "home DIY" stuff - I'm thinking done by a professional company that was re purposing due to costs. IE - Most "glass" knobs of this sort are prominent (in USA anyway) during the early to mid 20th century - We had two world wars and a severe depression through those times, so Its not completely crazy. or 3. We still have the option of some type of "prop". Its not at all clear why one would need such a thing though.

Hmm. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I've never seen an oddity quite like yours.

Hi Vicki - thanks again.   So, just for the heck of it, I sent an email to the author of the website that tomsantiquesetcetera referenced in his response.  Specifically, the article that discussed Overmyer's patent, just to get his input.  He has purchased a collection of these glass knobs from ebay over the years, so hoping he would know one way or the other if they are Overmyer.  If not, I have done all the research I can and will just leave it at that.  karen

Overmyer's patent was an improvement over an earlier design. The original GLASS DRAWER PULLS screwed directly into the wood.  Overmyer introduced the brass retainer which simplified installation and made it stronger. The older style were easily broken.

PS: They are NOT finials.

I think we ALL really meant Glass Drawer Pulls

That is an excellent point, Michael! I remember hollow brass curtain rods that did indeed have these pointy glass thingies placed on either side.

Our OP hasn't responded yet, hopefully she will as I'm very curious to know if it would sorta lock into a rod if the sizing was right - for either Curtains or beds?

Tom, I like your idea as well, but what throws me is the pointy tops on some of these knobs, I'd think they would only break if they stuck out that far?

Maybe the rounder ones might work, but unless our OP lets us know if they do unscrew from the brass pieces we won't be able to confirm on your idea either?

Check these out: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Adjustable-48-inch-Cafe-Curta... 

I was hoping to find some with the threading showing, so we could compare, not luck so far.

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