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Got pics posted but did not get my comments on. Sorry. I picked this pair up in a thrift store that gets donations for a local cause this past summer. Scooped them up for $5 for the pair. Tried to find them online that evening and could only find one with same mark and it was just the doll w/o clothes or hair. It was on eBay and they were asking like $495! Can these dolls really have that type of value???? They must have been kept in a curio cabinet because they are in excellent condition. 

Hello Again Miss Bonny,

   The A . M . Germany on the back of your dolls stands for "Armand Marseille". I cannot quite read the underlying Model Number. His Dolls date from the 1890s -to about World War I. You have to be careful as copies and molds have been made of lots of his designs. Usually, (on an original) head is very thin bisque with sleep paperweight eyes and bodies are of jointed composition. The detail/ modeling and paint of the faces would be more refined, lashes, cheeks and lips. Your dolls appear to have bisque bodies. This was not done in this era by this company.  Your Dolls are lovely and in excellent condition, but I am sorry to say- I don`t think they are of that age or maker. Oriental and Black Dolls by this maker are extremely rare and $495 would be a super low price for one. These Dolls bring thousands of dollars. And the rarer the Doll, the higher the chance that it has been copied.

I am not an expert however (on anything) and hope to be corrected by someone on the panel.

I have owned several Armand Marseilles through the years, however...

I still like your dolls---Give them a good home... God Bless,---Charlie


After photoshop enhancement, the numbering reads 353/395K

I should like to add, my cat jumped on my keyboard and my editing timed out on me before I could finish my post.

I was going to continueon as follows:

the numbering reads 353/395K, at least to my eyes as far as I can see, however, my ability of seeing pattern recognition in the enhanced image may differ to someone elses ability to pattern recognition and therefore they may see different numbers.  Without a better photo of the original I cannot really tell who would be correct.

Now, I also wanted to add to enhanced image for others to see and judge for themselves if my 'guess' of the numbers is correct or not.

Although it makes me a bit woozy to really try and look at the picture, I definitely see 353/3**and then K (I think).  

I am sure that helped you guys a lot!  ;)

I should place a disclaimer above the picture, sick sick tablets on standby before reading on...

Hi, Bonny. Charlie is correct. Your dolls are Armand Marseille reproductions.  While the name sounds French, Armand Marseille was actually Russian and immigrated to Germany in the mid 1800s.  AM was one of the most prolific producers of porcelain dolls and they are some of the most commonly found today. True antique oriental AM babies are not difficult to find and they are selling in the $500-800 range in very good condition. 

Back in the 80s we had doll shops and taught classes for making porcelain reproductions. We did several courses on their oriental babies including making the costumes.  There are lots of repros out there! Unfortunately, they don't sell for much. Yours appear to be done by a beginner and the costumes are likely more valuable than the dolls themselves.   

Well, guess I am not out much then. Got the pair for $5. Got this pair also for another $5 at the same time. 

Perk up, Miss Bonny...

You still did well- and these little guys needed a new home. 

Enjoy them anyway and give them the Love they need...

Happy Hunting... God Bless,---Charlie


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