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I picked up a deck of what appears to be educational playing cards written in German. There are 4 cards (sadly 2 are missing) for each month, along with a image and a saying (written in German).

There is no identifying marks on the cards to indicate who or when these were made. Taking a shot in the dark someone on this forum has seen them before.

Thanks !

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Without seeing a logo or other marking, I am not sure. But a lot of these old German card games (this looks like Quartett) were made at the Altenburg Playing Card Factory, which was established in 1765. I'm inlcudng a link, but it is not translated, so you will have to run it through Google Translator (it's not perfect, but it'll do).

The company is best known for its game Skatt, but makes many different versions of Quartett with different images. I'm sure a children's version would have been popular. This looks like maybe 1930s or '40s? Hope this helps.

- Heidi

Thanks for this info. At the same sale i picked up several version of Skatt and other German playing card decks.

now I just have to find someone who wants to buy these !

Thanks again.


It is a card game, though I am not certain of the rules to the game, if you do a google search you may be able to find them somewhere, as these games still exist today.

There is a book called "Bammchen: Twenty years from the life of a Leipzig woman." Where a girl is speaking about a Story Quartet Card Game called Märchen Quartett.

Direct translation via Google Translate.  Link to book here.  The mention of the card game is in Section 21.

"It is a quartet game, small and handy in the apron pocket, I can put it. On the individual cards, the cutest pictures are. In addition, small verses of every month over all four seasons. I'm so excited about this little card game that I even forget the roller skates. I do not want to play with Mum and the aunt or with my school friends, these cards are only mine. Again and again I have to look at them. Every month in 1941 I will start with the corresponding monthly verse."

Image result for bammchen. 1930 – 1950 – zwanzig jahre aus dem leben einer leipzigerin

Since you haven't shown a photo of all the cards, perhaps you could check my translation below against your cards:


Ein neues Jahr entsteigt der Nacht
der Schnee hüllt Weg and Stege ein
Der König Eismann hat die Macht
Gedenkt der armen Vögelein!

Prinz Karneval beginnt sein Spiel, da tanzen alle Leute.
Sogar der Schneemann, bleibt nicht kühl
Schneeflöckchen hüpft vor Freude.

Der März schaut über den Gartenzaun,
der grimme Winter sucht das Weite
der Wind singt hoch im Himmelsraum,
Schneeglöckchen lauten Frühlingsfreude.

So eben lacht die liebe Sonne, da braust der Regen übers Land,
die liebe gute Frühlingssonne, hat wirklich einen schweren Stand.


A new year rises from the night
the snow covers Weg and Strassen
King Eismann has the power
Remember the poor birds!

Prince Carnival starts his game, as all people dance.
Even the snowman, does not stay cool
Snow Maiden jumps with joy.

March looks over the garden fence,
the grim winter seeks the distance
the wind sings high in heavenly space,
Snowdrops are spring joy.

Just like the sun is shining, the rain is roaring over the land,
the dear spring sun, has a really hard time.


Wow. I'm blown away by the information you provided. I will certainly do some further research on these cards.

Do you want me to send you a photo of all the cards ?

Sure thing.

Some advice for photographing playing cards specifically.  Take the photos as straight on as you can get them, not too angled a perspective is best for such flat items. Try to take them on a plain white background but with still enough contrast to clearly see the edge of the cards. Avoid glare on the surface of the playing cards. Keep the cards fully in focus.

That way you can use the photos you take to perform an internet image search and locate more information, assuming you find an image match hit.

Just saw your translation. Wonderful job. I wasn't about to attempt it :-)

I enjoy languages, though sometimes I find it almost impossible to read some hand written instances, or the even older inscribed, or chieseled written form, I do enjoy helping where I can.


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