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Not for sure but believe this has  been done by George W. Bush

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That's not his signature.

It's hard to see in the photo, but it looks like the first name is Ed. Can't make out the last name, but appears to a Jr. Can you take a close up of the signature?

I have no idea the artist, but this is so very lovely!

Thank you

I looked at George W. Bush's autographs and they are short and readable.  Likewise, George H.W. signature is readable.

I also looked on-line at some of GW's artwork which consists of portraits, dogs, horses and scenery. Nothing like yours.

Hi Tom, once I got back and tried to get another photo for the left side signature on that sketch my camera went down  but will get that solved quickly. Thanks

I thought his signature was on the right side, but can now see it on the left side. No need for more pics.  It plainly reads George Bull.

I thought it was on the right too. Good find, Tom. 

Well, I wouldn't mind seeing a better photo of the signature corner anyway, as I couldn't locate a painting by George Bull at all, let alone one that matched yours. The writing in the bottom left corner looks a bit wide to simply be George Bull, there looks like more there to me, of course I could be wrong, but as I can't really read it that well, I can't tell.


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