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Hey Guys,  

I have been doing some research on these FTD Hand Made in Portugal F.L. Sacavem and have been fairly successful obtain some information for the other canisters that belong to the set but have been unable to find one with a Yellow Flower. I can only seem to find canisters with a blue flower...  

Ive seen a few selling for $10-30... Is it possible for the value to vary among Items belonging to the same set?

Not a huge deal, just seeking some knowledge :D

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FTD is an association of florist shops and anything with that label is a florist's vase. As many as there are $10-30. seems (to me) a high price.  I'd be very cautious about using any FTD for food service or storage.  They're designed for plants.

ic... so the Measurement Legend on the side is more decoration then a tool? I recall My grandmother having a set similar to this that sat on her counter as she used them for spices and such is why I am associating it with sugar or flour. So anything FTD or Floral Transworld Delivery was only made for use of Floral arrangements?  Does the Same go for FTDA?

I guess My question being, I have an amber FTDA 1981 Candy dish or what I thought was  Candy dish... is my assumption wrong?  I uploaded a picture below


Kyle, brief research indicates that FTD and FTDA are two separate companies.

FTD= Florist's Transworld Delivery, Inc. (they deliver flowers, etc.)

FTDA= Florist's Telegraph Delivery Association (Home products sales)

Your amber candy dish is marked FTDA 1981; it is not FTD.  What I said about Food usage pertains to FTD only.

Kyle, your Candy dish is plainly marked FTDA, so why do you call it FTD? Stop calling it by the wrong name.

As I said FTD vases and pots are not made with the same restrictions and conditions as food consumption pots would be.


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