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This picture is 8 inches by 10 inches. 

It is a painting ( I can feel paint) and engraving ( I can feel carved marks). Bottom left it says W. P. Frith painted  and on bottom right it says engraved W. Hall.

The material that it is done on feels like a plastic. The painting glows when it is held to light.

I have seen this image before by Frith as a print. 

My question is was this painted and carved by other people and they just used their names or could it be actually painted by Frith?

Also is the material most likely celluloid?

Thanks For any information .

Sarah Rauser 

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More photos 


No exactly sure what you've got going here Sarah, but this isn't a "painting" so to speak. I believe this is an Italian Resin, which has then been "transfer-printed" with the art image. Whomever did that work, is likely the "engraver". Think of a transfer-ware plate, and you'll get the same idea. 

This resin material is not "new". I've sold many "carved" boxes, music, jewelry and etc made in the very same stuff. It likely dates to 1940 - 1960's. 

When I run my fingers across it I can feel the paint. What would cause that if it is a print?

I would really like to see the work in its entirety...the frame, the side, back, anything more.  I am a little confused by the word "carved" with engraved and painted, and/or transferred, while it's made out of a form of plastic?  But, I would like to help (learn) if I can.  :)

What I mean by carved and engraved is that the frame within the frame that is painted yellow around the woman is etched or carved into the material. When I run my fingers across her face I can feel the paint on her lips hair eyebrows, etc.


It's difficult to tell you what you have from photos alone. I'd suggest taking it to an art gallery or antique store for a hands-on appraisal.

I doubt it's celluloid as that becomes brittle with age and would crumble. Without a hands on look I'd say it's a ceramic tile painted with acrylic paint and spray-coated for protection.

But Vicki's definition of Italian resin is a good possibility.

There are many types of joint art works of 2 or more artists. 

Here’s a tray made in the same way, also dating to the 1950-60’s era. If you remove it and take close ups that might’ve very helpful too!
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